Easy Sheet Pan Meals

Make 1 week's worth of clean keto meals in less than an hour!

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Dairy-Free & Clean Keto

All of the recipes are Clean Keto approved

Minimal Prep

Minimal ingredients, one sheet pan and done

Budget Friendly

Cost less than the price of one meal at a restaurant

easy sheet pan meals

The Perfect Solution for Busy People who Want to Cook Healthy, Keto Meals but don't have the Time.

Hello fellow busy person,

My name is Lesya Holzapfel and if you want to make delicious low-carb and Keto meals in a fraction of the time, keep reading!

Many people suffer from the idea that eating keto takes a lot of time to meal prep.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

If you’re someone who is really busy but wants to eat healthy keto and low carb meals, then THIS eBook is exactly what you’re looking for.

I am so excited to introduce you to my brand new sheet pan cookbook, “Easy Sheet Pan Meals” which helps you cook delicious Keto meals in a fraction of the time.

This cookbook idea began because the biggest complaint and struggle I hear from you is that you simply don’t have the time to make healthy, Low-Carb & Keto meals.

A lot of recipes on Pinterest and Google use lots of dairy, processed ingredients and sweeteners.

Even if you do find a Dairy-Free, Clean Keto recipe, it usually requires ingredients that are hard to get and the recipe takes too long to make.

I made it a mission of mine to get creative in the kitchen and make an entire series of Low-Carb and Keto recipes that are easy and your entire family will ACTUALLY eat.

With “Easy Sheet Pan Meals” you can:

  • Make delicious Keto meals in a fraction of the time;
  • Eat healthy without spending a fortune or a ton of time in the kitchen;
  • Plus, you can get a  30-Day Meal Plan using the recipes from “Easy Sheet Pan Meals”.
And what makes this better?

Every recipe in this book is made with SIMPLE with everyday ingredients. All of the recipes are Dairy-Free and Clean Keto approved!!

And best of all….you can start making these meals right away, seeing awesome results with “Easy Sheet Pan Meals”…and it costs less than the price of one meal at a restaurant.

So again, if you’re someone who is really busy but who really does want to eat healthy Keto meals, this plan provides you the confidence to do so.

No cooking experience required to make these recipes! All you need is a sheet pan and an oven!

A busy mom,


Who is Lesya?

Easy Sheet Pan Meals

Hello! My name is Lesya. I am a mom of 2 girls, full time blogger, personal coach and a food photographer. I’ve been following a low-carb Ketogenic lifestyle for almost 4 years now.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and have always had a passion for health and nutrition. After the birth of my first daughter, I was stuck with 50 extra pounds on my body. After exhausting all other options, I decided to try Keto. I lost all of my baby weight and then some. With baby #2 I gained a whopping 60lbs. I tried following Keto while pregnant, but the carb cravings got the best of me. After my second baby was born, I immediately started Keto and lost all 60 lbs in less than 9 months.

Keto is a powerful and therapeutic way of eating if it’s done right. My approach to a Ketogenic Lifestyle is ”Real Food First”. I mostly follow a Clean Keto approach which is dairy-free, free of sweeteners and processed and packaged foods. I believe that when we focus on whole, real nourishing foods, we can heal our bodies from the inside out.

Running a business and being a full time mom has given me extra incentive to find family friendly meals that are easy to plan, prepare and enjoy. This is the reason I decided to incorporate a Easy Sheet Pan cookbook into my collection of ebooks and go-to recipes.

easy sheet pan meals

For busy people

Who Easy Sheet Pan Meals is for...

  • Anyone who wants to eat healthy low carb meals but doesn't have a lot of time to cook
  • Anyone who is trying to eat Keto on a budget
  • Anyone who wants to keto meal prep but doesn't have hours to spend in the kitchen
  • Anyone who needs fast, delicious low carb meals for family dinners
  • Anyone who hates doing dishes
  • Anyone who loves recipes that are easy to make and super delicious

What People are Saying...

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Easy Sheet Pan Meals is such a time saver. I used to spend hours searching on Pinterest for keto recipes only to find I didn't have access to all of the ingredients. This recipe book has so many delicious recipes using ingredients I actually have and use on the daily.
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I am a busy working mom who doesn't have time to cook everyday so this cookbook is literally a life saver. The free meal plan that Lesya provides is fantastic. I make 4 meals on Sunday which takes no more than an hour and I have lunch and dinner ready for the whole week. It's such a relief!
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I recently started cutting out dairy from my diet because it was causing me to get really bloated and gain weight. I had such a hard time finding easy keto meals that were dairy-free until I got this book. All of the recipes in this book are so delicious and easy to make. I especially love the poblano chicken fajitas. My boyfriend wants me to make them everyday now!
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I've been trying to switch my family to a low-carb Keto diet but all the recipes I've tried, they have hated until I got this cookbook! My family loves Chinese take out and there are so many keto Chinese recipes in this book that my family is obsessed with. The cashew chicken and beef and broccoli is our favorite!
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I've been wanting to meal prep for the longest time but I am a busy CEO with 4 kids. With the meal plan that comes with this cookbook, I can now meal prep in no time!
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Cooking is my least favorite thing to do. If a recipe require more than a handful of ingredients or takes too long, I won't make it. That is why I love this recipe book. All of the recipes are made with simple ingredients, take less than 30 minutes to make and they are so yummy!



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