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Why You Should Clean Keto Carb Cycle

Today we’re gonna talk about five reasons that you should Clean Keto Carb Cycle.

If you haven’t listened to the first episode of this series, What is Clean Keto Carb Cycling, make sure you go back and listen to that one so that this one makes sense for you. 

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Why You Should Clean Keto Carb Cycle

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Five reasons you should consider Clean Keto Carb Cycling

#1 You want to wean off of keto without gaining all your weight back

This is a very common question that I get a lot, especially from women that feel that they don’t want to do keto forever, I truly believe women should not be doing keto forever, for many reasons that I will cover in a different episode. 

If you are someone that has lost weight with keto but you don’t want to eat this way forever, Clean Keto Carb Cycling is a great way to wean off of keto without gaining your weight back. 

 What happens is we never want to go back to eating high carbs, processed food, refined sugar, and all of that. How keto works is that it teaches your body to use fat as fuel for your body fat, as long as you’re not eating too much dietary fat.

Carb cycling is a way that we can now combine keto with carb cycling so that your metabolism is always guessing what’s happening and it’s not adapting, so it gives you the best of both worlds. 

You’re able to still maintain the benefits of ketosis because you will still have keto days, whether that be weekly whether that be monthly, seasonally, based on your period; there are so many ways to do it, but you’ll still get those benefits while incorporating the higher carb days, which is going to give you the flexibility to add healthier carbs in your diet like without blowing up like a balloon.

If you’ve been doing keto for a while and if you’ve ever had a cheat day, you know what happens; you blow up like a balloon, you gain a bunch of water weight and you feel super bloated. 

This is because your body’s not used to it and doesn’t know what to do with glucose because you haven’t had it in so long. 

This is a way that we are going to make sure that our body can handle the glucose, but we’re going to do it in a very strategic way where we start bringing it back, bringing back the carbs, slowly, and so that our body doesn’t get too overwhelmed, and to shock it to speak, so when you carb cycle with keto you aren’t going to be following a strict keto way of eating 24/7, but you’re still going to be able to maintain the weight loss you’ve achieved while doing keto, plus many other benefits that I’m going to talk about in this episode so you can start slowly weaning off, you know.

This is if you are someone that says, I love keto but I don’t want to do it forever. 

That’s the first reason why you would consider keto carb cycling because that’s the downfall of keto is that you do keto, you lose a lot of weight, but where most people get into trouble is that they stop doing keto and they go back to eating your standard American diet and then they gain all their way back. 

It’s not going to work if you do it to lose some weight and then go back to your standard American diet that goes with any diet that doesn’t matter you can be vegan, they always lose weight on vegan, and then you go back to your normal standard American diet you will gain the weight back, it happens with every single diet ladies and I want you to know this, this is why I don’t teach dieting. 

I teach a sustainable lifestyle approach, which is what BSB Tribe is all about. 

#2 You want some sexy muscles without spending hours at the gym. 

Who doesn’t want sexy muscles right? I think that as a woman there’s nothing sexier than seeing other women have muscles. 

 Clean keto carb cycling is gonna let you do this because this is another unfortunate thing with keto, in my belief is that a lot of women that follow a ketogenic diet long term don’t really look fit, (there are some exceptions, of course, exceptions are not the rule.)

When it comes to clean keto carb cycling because the carbs put our body in an anabolic state, (which is the state where our bodies want to grow new cells and build muscle tissue while strengthening our bones), we want to start experimenting with adding more carbs and having muscle is our goal. 

Why would we want to have more muscle as a woman? Besides the aesthetic reason, there are so many reasons why you should make muscle building a priority, whether or not you want to look like you have muscles for just personal vanity reasons.

You should also consider that having more muscle amounts to healthier and stronger bones, especially as we age.

I have a lot of older clients in my membership, and a lot of them are losing lean muscle mass as they age. They are losing weight, but they’re becoming skinny fat and they ask me  “How do I reduce my body fat because it’s still pretty high?” and I’m like, “lift the heaviest weight that you can find and could possibly lift for as long as you can until you feel like you can’t move your arms or your legs anymore. 

It’s very important for aging women to have a faster metabolism So, the more muscle you have the quicker your metabolism is going to be, and quicker fat burning so this is something that I talked about before on this show is that this is the difference between someone who prioritizes cardio and someone who prioritizes resistance training.

I used to be a cardio bunny.

I used to run marathons my body never looked like I was lean or fit because when you do cardio, you only burn the calories while you’re doing the work, and maybe you know 15 minutes after, and then you’re done whatever you burned is what you burn, and it doesn’t really build muscle.

 Now resistance training, the muscle-building actually happens after the muscle tissue breakdown and repair is when they grow not during.

 So the more muscle you have when you’re sitting there eating a bag of pork rinds watching Netflix, you’re going to be burning more calories than the woman that is obsessed with her Peloton bike.

Okay, so we got faster metabolism, quicker fat burning, and increased strength, because why do you have to always ask your man to lift the heavy thing for you? 

 You don’t, you should be able to lift it yourself! Improved cardiovascular health, improved mental health, (we never talk about the mental health benefits of strength training) there’s a lot. 

 There are so many benefits to having more muscle, and unfortunately, if you’re following a strict low-carb ketogenic diet, you’re not going to have a lot of strength and energy to lift heavy.

 We all know that carbs give you more energy than protein. 

When we have carbs, our body’s going to use that first. 

#3 You want easier periods and fewer hormonal problems. 

When it comes to hormones, we know that every single hormone has a different role in our body, and there are certain hormones that the ketogenic diet is perfect for such as insulin, we all know that because the best way to control insulin is going to be with a carb-restricted approach, and that’s not going to change, but when it comes to things like adrenals, thyroid or high cortisol,  a long term ketogenic way of eating can be problematic on those hormones. 

Let’s talk about her periods first.

When you carb cycle during different phases of your period, it’s going to help you manage cravings, manage your bloating PMS, and have an overall better experience around this time of the month. 

If we think about it as women, our bodies change throughout the month. But we never think to change our dietary choices or our workout routines. 

 If you look at female biology, it seems like we’ve completely missed the mark when it comes to how to eat during our menstrual cycle, throughout different hormonal phases, and during our 28 Day female cycle. 

 When it comes to that, we need more carbs during certain times of the month, we need to add more fat, and other times, protein is very important during specific times as well. 

However, most of us eat the same thing day in and day out and follow the same diet rules that we have had for months, even years at a time, and this is usually why so many women get weight loss stalls, struggle with terrible PMS symptoms, feel bloated and addicted to sugar.

 Clean keto carb cycling is a way that you can align with the changes that your body goes through in a given month to help ease the symptoms that I mentioned and enjoy the experience of being in the female body because it’s pretty amazing, we could do some awesome stuff, and we need to start appreciating that more and work with our bodies and not against. 

On the other hand, with the adrenals and the thyroid, there has been research done about how carb cycling can help support burned out adrenals, thyroid issues, and elevated cortisol, so if you’re dealing with any of those issues, it would behoove you to look into clean keto carb cycle as a way of eating, to help with those issues and rebalance those hormones. 

#4 You’re sick of your weight loss stalling every time you get comfortable with a new diet. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar: you start a new diet, you are super excited and motivated, you lose weight, you hit a weight loss, stop losing weight and you look for a new diet. The cycle repeats until you die. Buahahaha.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

First of all, it’s important to know why weight loss stalls happen. 

If you are truly following your diet, you will lose weight, but you will still eventually hit a plateau because your body’s going to adapt to your new diet and return to homeostasis.

 I talk about homeostasis a lot in my program, and I’ve talked about it on this podcast. 

Your body’s goal is one thing; homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of balance, so whatever we do, our body is always going to want to go back and reach that balance. 

When you go on a diet and cut calories, you are not maintaining a steady internal condition of balance, which is going to cause your body systems to get all wacky, and if you follow that diet long enough, your body’s going to adapt. 

After a while, if you stick to the same thing over and over and over again, (which we should never do), then it becomes a new homeostatic base, and that is when the weight loss stalls.

This is where the beautiful process of clean keto carb cycling comes in because stalls happen because your body gets used to the way you eat and starts lowering your basal metabolic rate which again, is the amount you burn doing nothing.

You’re confusing your body with clean keto carb cycling so it never gets a chance to adapt. 

If we think about it, in a given week, if we’re doing keto one day, carb cycling the next, keto the next day, carb cycling, your body’s like “Wait, what do we do? It never gets the chance to adapt and reach that stall. 

When you carb cycle, you’re going to rev up your metabolism Metabolic Fire and burn fuel more efficiently. 

If you eat more, you’re going to rev up your metabolism, instead of cooling it down with less food.

#5 You want to be metabolically flexible

Metabolic flexibility means that your body is flexible and is able to use both glucose and fat for fuel efficiently, you’re able to eat all of the macronutrients, and your body knows how to store them properly without turning them into fat. 

If you’ve done keto for a while, and then had a cheat day you know how bloated you feel and how much water weight you retain, and that is because your body has become fat adapted (which is a good thing we want that) but it then forgets how to use glucose for fuel.

This is again what we’ve talked about earlier in this episode is, you’re either going to have to do keto forever or once you go back to eating carbs, you’re going to blow up and retain a lot of water which is why keto carb cycling is great. 

 We want to be fat-adapted, especially when you’re going to try clean keto carb cycling.

I mentioned this last in the last episode, but I’m going to be starting a new program, all about clean keto carb cycling, and I’m looking for 30 women that want to be part of the BETA program, but one of the prerequisites to get in to be in this program is you have to be fat adapted.

If you’re not fat-adapted, then Clean Keto Carb Cycling will not work for you.

The way that I teach it, you have to be fat-adapted, so it’s good to be fat-adapted. 

However, if you are doing low-carb keto for too long, and you start eating carbs, you’re going to blow up and not feel good. 

And that means you’re not metabolically flexible.

How do you become metabolically flexible?

You practice Clean Keto Carb Cycling.

You work on speeding up your metabolism; there are different ways to do that.

You make sure that you have detoxed your liver ( sometimes your liver gets backed up) there are ways to do that I teach all this inside BSB Tribe,  we try to make sure your hormones are regulated, but if you’ve addressed all those of those issues right you don’t have any problems with toxicity in hormones as it relates to something being backed up or out of whack or your gut microbiome and all of that, and you’re healthy woman, then yeah, how do you become metabolically flexible? 

Clean Keto Carb Cycling.

Carb cycling teaches your body how to use the carbs you ate instead of storing them as fat because we’re really strategic about what, how, and when we are going to eat the carbs. 

It’s really the best of both worlds and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this way of eating. 

It’s really changed everything for me, and I no longer feel deprived and restricted because I’ve been doing Keto for six years and I was fearful of eating any carbohydrate, and when I did I would load like a balloon, and gain like five pounds of water weight overnight. 

Also, I was struggling to put on muscle. I really want to put on muscle. I want to look leaner and do keto for me, it’s just, it’s not, it’s not working with that. 

In my humble opinion, this is the definition of a healthy and fit woman; one that is able to use both carbs and fat efficiently without feeling bad.

If you are listening to this and by the way, these are just five reasons, there are so many other reasons why you should Clean Keto Carb Cycling and I’m going to be talking about all of them in my program and getting into all the details. 

These are just like the five main ones, obviously, you know fat burning, weight loss, all the things, having a more enjoyable sustainable way of eating that is easier to do long term easier when you’re traveling, all the things right, but these are just the five main reasons.

 If you’re listening to this and it sounds awesome to you and you want to know how to get started with this, I want to invite you to join the waitlist to become a founding member for the state of the CKCC Blueprint Program I am working on. 

It’s going to guide you on how to implement this new way of eating into your life based on what your goals are and what you’re struggling with.

Whether that is you’re trying to balance out your hormones, your adrenals, thyroid, cortisol, want to do when you’re on your period, how to do it to burn more fat, or break a stall this program will work for you. 

If this is something that you’re interested in, I would get on the waitlist right now.

 This is going to be the lowest price it will ever be because it’s a founding member program. We’re going to go through it together. 

I’m going to build it alongside you. 

I do have a rough outline of what it’s going to include but because it’s not built yet, is why you’re at such a low rate of investment, so if you’re interested in that go to bsbtribe.mykajabi.com/ckcc to get on the waitlist. 

The next time we’re going to talk about who’s it for and who it’s not for, because there are some women that are not ready for clean keto carb cycling, and there are some that need to do it like yesterday, so make sure that you come back for that one.

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