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I Drank Resistant Starch for 30 days- Here’s What Happened…

What happened after drinking resistant starch for 30 days

I Drank Resistant Starch for 30 days

Since writing this post a few years ago, I’ve done a lot more research on Resistant Starch and RS foods which are great for Gut Health and Clean Keto Carb Cycling. If you want to learn more about how you can use RS when cycling carbs, join the waitlist for my Clean Keto Carb Cycling Program HERE

Resistant Starch 101-

Before I dive into what happened during my 30-day experiment of drinking resistant starch, I want to talk about what resistant starch is.

All of this information is from Dr. Mark Hyman’s website.

Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is a kind of starch that is not digested in the small intestine. Instead, your gut bacteria processes it, creating beneficial molecules that promote balanced blood sugar and a healthy gut.  Thus, when you ingest resistant starch, your blood sugar or insulin will not rise as it would when consuming processed carbohydrates.

Resistant starch is made by cooking and then cooling starches like potatoes or rice and not reheating them, transforming regular starch into resistant starch and is a pre-biotic.

Taking resistant starch produces “good bugs” that get rid of the “bad bugs” in your gut.

Here is the list of (claimed) benefits of taking resistant starch:

  • Improved Metabolism
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Enhances Gut Flora
  • Cardiovascular benefits
  • Promotes Weight loss*
  • Improves Sleep
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Reverse Diabetes and Obesity
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Increases Fat burning*

So, now you have a 101 of what resistant starch is, let’s get down to my experiences over the past 30 days.  The product I chose was Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch that I bought from Amazon. 

I took two tablespoons a day, one in the morning, and one at night before bed with another both mixed in a glass of water.

Glass of Water
Preparing starch
Stirring water and starch


Week 1-

I didn’t notice anything different except for one major issue at night before bed. Gas… and lots of it (gross).  I knew right off the bat it had to do with taking the starch.  Previously, when having a diet based on carbohydrates I would often experience gassy bouts, and I pitied anyone within 10 feet of me.

I wasn’t too concerned about it at first because Dr. Hyman mentioned that might happen. “Resistant starch can change the bugs in your gut and cause gas, known as the die-off effect. Once good bugs enter, they duke it out with the bad bugs. As a result, you may experience gas and bloating. Once your system adjusts, this will occur less often”.

If the gas continues over a period of time, Dr. Hyman did warn of the possibility of a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and encouraged those experiencing this symptom to see a Functional Medicine Doctor (yikes).

Luckily, after about a week and a half, the terrible gas went away. I just stuck with it for the sake of the experiment to see what would happen.

Week 2-3

After a few weeks, I started noticing something different while working out. Let me just say, I typically sweat when I work out, but now I am sweating profusely.

I was sweating so much during my Peloton Cycle Classes. At times, I thought I was having hot flashes because a small pond was forming in my basement.

Before I wrote this post, I reread Dr. Hyman’s article and realized what the reason might be to my intense sweating. Increased fat burning. It makes sense right? The more you sweat, the more fat you burn.

Something else occurred after the 2nd week.  Apology in advance, but number 2 created a natural alarm clock that went off without fail.  It would happen at 4 am every single day. Talk about bad timing for mother nature to call.

Pretty cool, right? Minus mother nature’s call and the new self-made sweat pool in my gym I could see my stomach changing in a positive direction.

Week 4-

Ah, the last week of the experiment. It’s going reasonably well, I’m sweating a lot, no more gas, but is that it?

Well, another change occurred I found interesting. A little back history first, any time I have too many Keto treats, or overeat cheese or other inflammatory foods I can expect to gain weight the next day.  My gain typically is 2-3 lbs of water weight which comes off after a few days of eating clean keto.

Unfortunately, this happens to me every time, so I am not surprised by it and can predict it before I even step on the scale.

There were a few days during week 4 (it was shark week btw) that I had too much keto “junk food.” However, when I stepped on the scale the next day my weight was the same.

I was so confused that I wanted to push my limits ate pizza and birthday cake on my daughter’s birthday and woke up STILL weighing the same. WHHHAAAAATTT? Ok, this one shocked me the most. How? Why?

Call me crazy, but I think it’s the resistant starch. I think after this 30-day experiment my metabolism improved, and my weight fluctuation is more stable than before. There is no other explanation to me of why these things have happened.

So to recap, here are the things I believe taking resistant starch for 30 days has done:

  • Increased my fat burning
  • Improved my metabolism
  • Helped with weight/inflammation fluctuations
  • Increased the regularity of my bowels

To conclude, my results during these 30 days may be completely different than what you may experience from doing the same thing. I am not promoting taking resistant starch. I came into this experiment blindly because I love to biohack myself.

My belief is that one can have an opinion about something if you don’t try new things. I can only speak and advise someone else about something I have done or tried for myself.

Since learning more about Resistant Starches, I started incorporating more RS foods into my diet when I’m Clean Keto Carb Cycling. This allows me to have things like white rice, white potatoes, and green bananas while still maintaining ketosis and fat burning on my Clean Carb Days.

If you want to start Clean Keto Carb Cycling or you don’t want to do Keto forever, join the waitlist for my new upcoming program, The Clean Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint HERE.

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  1. I no longer use it, however, I teach how to use resistant starch to curb carb and sugar cravings inside my membership community BSB Tribe if you want to learn more about this, go to bsbtribe.com

  2. You were not measuring blood sugars, insulin resistance or ketones all of which could have been helped by it. You also went out way too fast for most people. Ramping up starting with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon is critical as many have SIBO or even SIGO from years of high blood sugars. The biggest thing you missed is this starch doesn’t spike blood sugars and also helps the lows you get overnight and the corresponding rise in dawn effect fasting glucose. Thanks for being a guinea pug. But do some Microbiome homework too, you can get more benefits on the correction front by eating lots of prebiotic food too like Jerusalem Artichoke, asparagus jicama etc and if you feed probiotics on top of an overgrowth of bad bacteria you just feed the bad bacteria and make it worse. SINO is very tricky and a yi e with insulin and blood sugar issues has a high risk of SIFO which is becoming epidemic and we now have fungal resistance on anti fungal slime we have on anti bacterial resistance issues.

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