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Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita

If you miss enjoying cocktails on your Ketogenic diet, this Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita will hit the spot.

Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita

I love a good cocktail. Over the last few years I have become intrigued with speakeasy bars and custom cocktails with crazy ingredients I have never heard of.

Now mind you, cocktails in general, are not very Keto-friendly due to the simple syrup that is used in them.

However, this past year, we built a custom bar in our basement and I started experimenting with creating Keto cocktails.

I figured since most of the problem lies in the simple syrup, why couldn’t I make my old simple syrup using a Keto-friendly sweetener?

Besides that, as long as I avoided using sweet liquors, I could totally make Keto cocktails.

That is when the idea of Thirsty-Thursdays Keto Edition was born. So, I’m adding a new category to this blog called “Keto cocktails” where I will be sharing cocktail recipes that I have Keto-fied.

To start this series, I present you The Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita. This idea came to me when my sister’s friend did a poll on her Instagram asking her followers if they had any good Sage recipes.

This was shortly after Thanksgiving, so I assume, like me, she had boatloads of Sage left and didn’t know what to do with it. At that point, I probably had about 10 packages of fresh Sage in my refrigerator. (no joke)

I had asked Zach (my hubs) to pick up “a bundle” of Sage, and he came home with 10 packages. “I didn’t know how much a bundle was supposed to be.”

Not even kidding, it’s almost New Year and I still have some in my fridge.

Anyway, someone suggested a Blackberry Sage Margarita and it looked so cool, I looked up the recipe.

Looking at it, I realized the only non-Keto ingredient was the maple syrup which I could substitute using Lakanto Maple Syrup (use this link for 20%off)

It was a great use of Sage, I will say. Although I am not a huge fan of Tequila it was very delicious, and the next time I make it I will probably use Gin or Vodka. Either of those will work great with this cocktail.

I hope you enjoy the first of many Keto Cocktails on this blog. Cheers my friend!

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Blackberry and Sage Margarita
Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita

Keto Blackberry and Sage Margarita

Yield: 1 Cocktail
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes



  1. Muddle blackberries and sage together.
  2. Pour in a spirit of choice, lemon juice, bitters, and Lakanto Syrup. Shake and pour over an ice cube. 
  3. Garnish with fresh sage and blackberries.

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Blackberry and Sage Margarita

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